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Chris is one of the founders of Survival Wisdom, now living and working in the United Arab Emirates.

Chris served in the Army for 24 years and then with the RAF for a further 6 years. A very experienced trainer with over 20 years teaching survival related subjects. During his time in the army Chris was his unit’s Combat Survival Instructor and advisor. As part of this role he was responsible for ensuring the training of 600 personnel and the formation of survival plans during operations, deployments and training exercises at home and overseas.

Chris has taught survival skills to TV Celebrities, politicians, and members of the Royal Family, as well as the general public and military personnel of all services. Chris was the go to guy for the testing and evaluation of new equipment prior to it entering service. He was then responsible for designing and implementing the training to ensure its effective use. The equipment used in the UK Typhoon, Eurofighter was researched, tested by Chris in extreme conditions prior to entering service.

Chris has practiced survival techniques in Arctic, Desert, Jungle, and temperate regions of the World, and is a sea survival instructor to boot. During his time at the UK Defence SERE ( Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Evasion) Training Organisation Chris held the post of Senior Instructor and mentor, and was instrumental in new instructor training and the maintenance of training standards.

Chris has developed the POP (Personal Outdoor Plan) a free download form that can be left with a trusted person to alert the emergency services should you fail to return as you have planned. The POP answers the main questions that Search And Rescue units need to begin planning for a rescue. Chris has worked alongside Mr Duncan Chandler of Dorset Woodland Blades in the development of the Wisdom Edge. This is an affordable, robust simple knife, easy to store and carry, that fulfills all requirements for a cutting tool in a survival situation. The knife is available to the public.

A man with a real passion for all things Survival and a very hands on approach to passing on skills and knowledge to others. At the moment Chris is working in the UAE helping the armed forces there to develop survival training and capabilities. In his spare time Chris is the Explorer Scout Leader for Abu Dhabi Raha Scout Group.


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